Travelling Africa is the greatest adventure of my life.


Meet me, Lerato Mogoatlhe - travel writer, amateur photographer and author of the ‘pioneering’ and ‘critically acclaimed’ travel memoir, Vagabond: wandering through Africa on faith.


My love affair with Destination Africa starts as a three-month fling in West Africa to backpack around Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo and Benin. I ended up living and travelling around the continent for five years. I now have one foot in Africa and another elsewhere in the continent.


Africa has it all: epic natural beauty and once-in-a-lifetime adventures, rich heritage and history, bustling cities and idyllic villages and more than a billion people who are as diverse as each of the 55 countries in Africa, whose music, art, cultures, fashion and food come together to make Destination Africa a wonder-full epic.


But where to start? What to do, and how can a few days away turn into an unforgettable encounter?


I’ve been travelling Africa extensively since 2008 to explore the continent as a destination and rewrite home beyond the usual stereotypes, especially the one about Africa being a challenging destination. is curated from my life and travels in more than 30 African countries and the experiences of a community of travellers, writers, tastemakers, and tour guides. is everything you want to know about travelling the continent. Expect hotel and restaurant reviews, itineraries, features, photo series, and stories that’ll inspire you to (re)discover Destination Africa. First, sign-up to join our community.

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